Who Is SR Clarke

Over 40 years of experience and nearly 35,000 placements in Construction, Engineering and Property Development.

Recognized as one of the Top Five Executive Placement firms in the country.

Who better to serve as your partner in providing you with exceptional talent, subject matter expertise and industry knowledge?

We know that core employees are what support your growth, build your brand and enhance your profitability. We align our national resources with your needs, matching the right candidates with the right positions. It is this focus which has allowed SR Clarke to become the recognized leader we are.


Why Work with Us

It is our mission to become your strategic partner and help you achieve your short and long-term goals of excellence, growth and profitability.

Tell us about your business – your culture, the projects that define you, your vision for the future, the leaders who guide your company and the employees who support it.

Tell us about your challenges - the often frustrating search for the best in today’s highly competitive job market…the things that keep you awake at night.

It’s only with a thorough understanding of who you are that we can effectively provide you with what you need.

We operate in partnership with you to grow your business and advance the careers and future of our candidates. That balance takes a committed effort of communication, knowledge and hard work and this model continues to be the benchmark of success for SR Clarke.

In fact, our reputation depends on it.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • 1. Commercial Construction
  • 2. Heavy / Civil Construction
  • 3. Specialty Subcontracting
  • 4. Real Estate, Residential and Commercial Development

While we welcome your requests to fill specific positions, we proactively seek out exceptional individuals and share them with you confidentially, on an exclusive basis. Bear in mind, these individuals will be working with us exclusively and this may be your only opportunity to reach out to them.


How We Vet Our Clients

SR Clarke’s clients must provide the following:
  • Demonstrated sense of urgency to hire
  • Access to all communication channels–
    meaning direct line, mobile number, email address, etc.
  • Back up point of contact
  • Clear and concise job descriptions
  • Realistic Candidate Criteria
  • Realistic Compensation
  • Realistic Geographic parameters
  • Realistic and achievable career goals
  • A solid business reputation

We assure you we are not a vendor. We will not waste your time with anyone less than the best. We are your partner in effectively growing your business with exceptional talent.

Specific Procedures means Higher Predictability

For each position you ask us to fill, we will follow specific procedures to identify and recruit the most qualified
candidates. This process gives us a higher predictability in our searches.

  • After careful analysis of your needs, we will define the position responsibilities and desired characteristics of the ideal finalist for the position. This document, referred to as the position description, provides pertinent information to potential candidates / sources and ensures a mutual understanding of the requirements of the position.
  • Our resources are extensive. With over 275,000+ candidates in our confidential data base, along with confidential social media contacts, international researchers and proprietary support systems, you are assured the most comprehensive search and positive result.
  • In order to meet your selective criteria, we carefully vet our candidates with numerous, thorough interviews to assess both their tangible and intangible skills.
  • After honing our candidate pool to those we deem a proper fit, we supply you with a succinct overview of each candidate, along with their Resume and Project List presentation.
  • We then manage all scheduling of phone and / or face-to-face meetings.
  • We will conduct Reference interviews, and a background check, as part of our service.