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Welcome to S.R. Clarke! Our People Build America™

S.R. Clarke has over 33 years of experience in the business of executive search and has successfully helped thousands of people advance their construction industry career and change their life. Because of the constant revolution in technology, the process of career identification has changed dramatically over the years. Consequently we have adapted our process in order accommodate our candidates and clients while still providing access to the top construction jobs in the industry.

By staying on the cutting edge of the executive recruiter business and always watching the marketplace, we can adapt to changes quickly and ensure we continue to provide top-level performance. We pride ourselves on working with top quality individuals and companies, and making lasting impacts on careers and businesses. We use a rigorous selective process in order to ensure we are representing the best talent in the industries we serve

We are not the construction executive recruiter for everyone but if you are a success driven individual looking to explore your career path please contact us to see if we have the resources for you!

How do we determine who is an ideal candidate for our clients?

We ask candidates the following questions to determine whether we can assist them in their goals:

  • Do they have a stable working history?
  • Do they consider themselves a core employee?
  • Can they document the value they add to their current company?
  • Do they have a network of clients and can they bring business with them if they move?
  • Why should someone hire them compared to someone equally qualified?
  • Do they have realistic goals and expectations for their career?

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We are interested in representing candidates that are career oriented.

We define career oriented by a combination of the following factors:

  • Positive, professional attitude.
  • Professional and personal stability ( i.e. less then 3-4 positions in
    10 years, not currently going through a personal or financial crisis).
  • Applicable education.
  • Realistic and achievable career goals.
  • Cooperative in developing a strategic plan.
  • Ability to describe specific contributions to previous employers that
    made a difference and added to their bottom line.
  • Ability to contribute systems, knowledge bases, clients and other
    means of business impact to a new employer.
  • Demonstrable management/ people skills
  • Above average communication skills.
  • Up to date technical and business skills.
  • Ability to discuss the trends in relevant fields of knowledge and
    spheres of influence that are evolving.
  • Knowledge of industry compensation practices and criteria for
    providing and receiving financial rewards.
  • Knowledge of market segments to be targeted in today’s environment
    and applicable knowledge and expertise to compete in those

Our People Build America™

As a company S. R. Clarke has been involved in over 22,000 placements.

Construction Jobs and Careers

S. R. Clarke, is a not a head hunter. We are an agent for candidates and focus on your best interests as our first priority.

Personal Career Consultation

We are here to help you find careers in construction, project management, architectural design, construction management and more.

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