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Placing top talent is what we do best. Let us find your next perfect hire.

Who Is S.R. Clarke & Associates?

Over the last 41 years, S.R. Clarke & Associates, LLC has been recognized as a leader in Executive Recruiting throughout every discipline within Construction, Engineering, Real Estate Development and Oil & Gas. With over 9000 placements nationwide, we have never lost our focus on these foundational verticals.

Our team fills virtually every position at the executive and management tiers within these important industries. We know that core employees are what support your growth, build your brand and enhance your profitability. We align our national resources with your needs, matching the right candidates with the right career opportunities. It is this focus which has allowed S.R. Clarke & Associates to truly become a leader in the space.

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Why Work With Us?

There are plenty of "recruiters" who work with all levels of executives; however, S.R. Clarke & Associates, LLC is not one of them. We operate as a partnership with our clients to grow your business and advance the careers and future of our candidates. That balance takes a committed effort of communication, knowledge and hard work. And this model continues to be the benchmark of success for S.R. Clarke & Associates, LLC. In fact, our reputation depends on it.

Our Areas of Expertise


  1. Commercial Construction
  2. Heavy / Civil Construction
  3. Specialty Sub Contracting
  4. Real Estate, Residential and Commercial Development

Workforce Solutions

  1. Design/Remediation
  2. Finance & Accounting
  3. Engineering and Architecture
  4. Oil & Gas

Meeting Your Long-Term Needs

As your strategic partner with an understanding of your long-term staffing goals, we will keep you apprised of exceptional, currently employed talent who may have an interest in making a career move in your direction.

Rather than waiting for you to furnish us with a request to fill a position, we will proactively seek out these individuals and share them with you confidentially, on an exclusive basis. Bear in mind, these individuals will be working with us exclusively and this may be your only opportunity to reach out to them.

How We Vet Our Clients

S.R. Clarke & Associates' clients must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated Sense of Urgency with Hire(s)
  • Full Communication Channels Open – meaning Cell, Home #, etc
  • Back up Point of Contact
  • How Many Other Firms are Working the Position
  • Realistic Candidate Criteria
  • Realistic Compensation
  • Realistic Geographic parameters
  • Realistic and achievable career goals
  • SRCA viewed as a partner not a vendor
  • Solid business reputation

Our Procedural Approach to Filling Open Positions

For each position you ask us to fill, we will follow specific procedures to identify and recruit the

most qualified candidates. This process gives us a higher predictability in our searches.

  • After careful analysis of your needs, we will define the position responsibilities and desired characteristics of the ideal finalist for the position. This document, referred to as the position description, provides pertinent information to potential candidates / sources and ensures a mutual understanding of the requirements of the position.

  • We will contact a carefully targeted group of passive, potential candidates and candidate sources, describing only the position we are seeking to fill, while maintaining confidentiality, as required. Since it is our desire to create a partnership with you, during the course of this engagement, any candidate information you receive in resume/s from us must remain confidential.

  • Qualified candidates will be interviewed in-depth by the appropriate member or members of our search team. This enables us to evaluate each candidate’s chemistry, personality, presence, qualifications and suitability to the job.

  • We will provide you with written career information on candidates, as well as written and/or oral assessments of their personal and professional suitability to the position. We will also include resumes and when appropriate, Selected Project Lists.

  • After we have reviewed the recommended candidates with you, we will arrange meetings for you with the most qualified individuals whom you choose to interview and professionally prepare them for the rigors of the interview process.

  • We will also conduct in-depth reference interviews and provide confidential written reference reports on finalists. These reports summarize information provided by third parties who are, or have been, in a position to evaluate a candidate professionally and personally. Because the majority of individuals who become candidates in a search are not actively seeking an outside opportunity, but rather have been approached by our search team and asked to consider a career move, it is important to protect the candidate’s confidentiality. Therefore, reference checks will be conducted only after you have indicated strong interest in a particular individual and are prepared to make an offer to that individual. Informal checks, however, are made throughout the course of the evaluation process.